In 2001, during the formation of the group, we completed a great deal of administrative housekeeping and brainstorming.  A set of Bylaws were approved with only minor revisions from a generic set provided by Penni Klein, our City of Middleton Liaison. 


The group decided to require 7 board members after discussion regarding the best number to collect the greatest input while encouraging consensus and maintaining representation from people from more than one pond.  The board has had changes over the past year, but the goals are the same.  Elections for the board will occur at our annual meeting each year. 


Last Elected Board of Directors: 

Name                          Position  

Robert Conhaim          Co-President 

Gurdip Brar                 Co-President

Robert Ulfig                 Recording Secretary 

Needs to be updated


Penni Klein                  City Liaison


The board may grow by 1-2 people as required to accommodate the goals of the group. 


The 1st Board Meeting took place on the 11th of December 2001, enjoying the hospitality of the Conhaim family.   See Notes from the meeting.   


Board meetings have continued approximately four times per year, generally held at the Middleton Public Library at 7pm. 


Would you like to help?  Email      

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Fax: 415 727-3813 (





Middleton Community Bank 3207 W. Beltline Hwy (To: Friends of the Kettle Ponds)

Text Box: Penne Klein expressed her delight with the progress the group has made.  The group reciprocated with many thanks to her organizational skills.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors