The Friends of the Kettle Ponds Annual Meeting was a review of success and a roadmap for next year.


We discussed our successes, like successfully incorporating as a Non-Profit Group and our fun activities as well as our plans moving forward.


We have established a small reserve of funds to aid with printing and other miscellaneous costs and have established a set of core activities we plan on doing each year. We also approved funding of the 'Sense of Place' program presented by the group 'Sustain Dane'. The weekly series asked attendees to evaluate their personal impacts on the world while learning more about the ecological impact of society.


A great deal of work is planned , Please join us to make the ponds a better place for everyone.

2002 Activities:

 Board Meetings

 Non-Profit Status

 Arbor Day

 Birding Hikes

 Garlic Mustard Removal


 Brat Fest

 Water Quality

 Aquatic Plantings

 Educational Programs

 Grant Writing

 Soil Testing

 Annual Meeting

Making them better one day at a time...

FOKP Annual Meeting - 2002

The Beginning