Text Box: Penni Klein

Penni Klein--City of Middleton Parks and Public Lands Director and group Sponsor.   

A kick off meeting organized by Penni Klein was held in the Fall of 2001.  The “Friends of the Kettle Ponds” was formed as a Non-Profit group with a set of by laws and Mission/Vision to guide it in a collaborative effort to improve the ponds. This meeting was a continuation of the Friends of the kettle ponds education summer parks series and an informal meeting in September 2001. 


A second meeting was held in November 2001 to approve the Bylaws and elect a Board of Directors.  A board of 7 was elected and the Bylaws were approved as presented.  Membership fees were set at $10/yr.


The Board of Directors meets approximately four times per year to brainstorm for pond improvements and get and share ideas with the City of Middleton.  See old meeting minutes HERE


A review of previous activities can be found HERE, and our schedule for upcoming activities can be found HERE.


City Liaison

There are 5 kettle ponds that the group represents located in Middleton and the West Edge of Madison. The group will first concentrate on the Stricker and Tiedeman Ponds’ improvement.

Would you like to help?  Email kettleponds@yahoo.com      

Friends Of The Kettle Ponds

Organizational Meetings