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Friends Of The Kettle Ponds

Making the kettle ponds better, one day at a time

Thank you for visiting the web-site for the “Friends of the Kettle Ponds” organization.  We are a group that collectively wish to improve the quality of the kettle ponds in Middleton and Western Madison in Wisconsin. 


Kettle Ponds are glacial features, depressions in the earth created as retreating glaciers left chunks of ice buried in the terminal moraine.  They are a valuable ecological resource that are threatened by the communities that have grown around them.


The group received our Non-Profit organization status in 2002 and continues to make a positive impact on the ponds and the lands around them, so please come back for more information.  See our links to other web sites to learn more.


Up-coming activities:  


WHAT: Esser Pond Prairie talk and tour.  


Michael Anderson,  Ecologist,  BioLogic Environmental Consulting, who has worked with Esser pond for years will lead the tour


WHEN: 6/27/07, Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm

WHERE: Meet at the Capital Brewery, 7734 Terrace Ave.


Short walk to the pond. Mike will take us to the pond and explain the beautiful Esser Pond Prairies. Time for free walk. End up at the Capital Brewery. Should be fun. Thanks.


See more activities here

Friends of The Kettle Ponds


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Spring Birding Hike 2002 - Over 40 species of birds were observed in less than an hour around Strickers Pond.  Join us for a Birding Hike this spring, people of all levels of 'bird knowledge' are encouraged to join us. 

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